Who We Are

A message for you…

Communications has changed a lot over the past 75 years. It has gone from open wires and operators
to mechanical switches and rotary dial – then giving way to electronic switches and touch tone phones
to today’s smart phones. In today’s world it’s all about access to send, receive, view and share
information and data.

I was introduced to a career in telecommunications in 1992. Since that time I have seen an avalanche
of change in how we communicate with one another. Although the technology continues to change
at a rapid speed, I am often reminded that the focus of our business is about taking care of the
communication needs of our customers.

Customer satisfaction has always been our focus. I live in a rural community and utilize the type of
services we provide. Over the years I have learned that the best way to serve you as a customer is
to listen and try to exceed your expectations. We are committed to our customers and as a result we
maintain a local presence to better assist and understand you.

As part of our commitment to customer service, we will continue to offer products to bring you – our
customer – the best possible experience. We are dedicated in deployment of technology that will keep
expanding your accessibility to high speed internet, video services and other communication needs at
affordable prices. We remain committed to the communities we serve.

I just want to say thank you for being a customer of Missouricom Orchard Farm. We will continue in our efforts to make your
experience with us a great one.


Garrin Bott