High Speed Internet


Be aware of phishing scams asking you to participate in surveys online. Missouricom Orchard Farm does not support that sort of marketing. We always notify customers in advance before asking them to participate in a company survey. Anything we do will be tagged with our company logo and personal company information. If in doubt, please contact our office for verification before proceeding.

Choose Missouricom Orchard Farm for the most reliable high-speed connection in Orchard Farm, without any hidden charges or surprise fees. Our network is backed by Fiber Optic Cable and every line is a secure, dedicated, connection to your home (not shared like the cable company), so you can enjoy more consistent speeds.

Why choose Missouricom High-Speed Internet?

  • Better service from a local company.
  • Free installation.* (with 1-year commitment)
  • Every modem includes free wi-fi.
  • The most reliable connection.
  • Backed by Fiber Optic Cable.
  • No bandwidth sharing.
  • No slowing during peak hours.
  • Best value internet available anywhere.

Broadband DSL Packages*


$39.95-Residence  $44.95-Business

$49.95-Residence $54.95-Business


$59.95-Residence $64.95-Business


$69.95-Residence  $74.95-Business

$79.95-Residence $84.95-Business

*All internet services require a phone line and a  xDSL modem and packages are classified as “up to” speeds. All packages are subject to availability.
**VDSL2 modem required

xDSL modem lease is available

We remotely support our leased modems and replace any modems due to equipment failure at no additional cost to you!

ADSL2+ Single – band 802.11n Wireless Gateway

VDSL2 Dual – band 802.11ac Wireless Gateway

VDSL2 Bonded Duel – band 802.11ac Wireless Gateway

Internet Security and Computer Back-Up 

Effective February 1st 2016

Missouricom is ending support for missouricom.com email addresses. Existing customers with these email address will continue to have support.

Call 844-384-MCOM (6266) to go faster today.